A Little More...

Can I leave you a review?

No, Thank you for understanding.

Can I buy you gifts and give you a tip? Here is my wish list!

Part of the fun is getting to spoil each other right? Here are some Ideas:

  1. Dark Chocolate - I eat it every day!
  2. Flowers - I absolutely love the simple beauty of flowers!
  3. lululemon gift card- My second home is the gym ;)
  4. Mountain Equipment Coop gift card- I love adventures that keep me fit.
  5. Farmboy gift card- Who doesn't like healthy snack?
  6. I have created a Wish list with the exact product color and size of gifts! Please take a look by clicking HERE

Can I request an outfit?

Absolutley! If I have something similar to your request I would love to wear it for you, it's all part of the fun.

Can you please tell me more about yourself?


  • Height: 5'1/155cm
  • Weight: 110LBS/ 50KG
  • Bra size: 34 B
  • Underwear size: Small-Medium
  • Late 20's
  • Caucasion
  • Sandy blond hair (natural) gets darker in the winter and lighter in the summer
  • Green/Blue eyes
Fun facts
  • I have 2 university degrees and 1 diploma!
  • Icecream is my weakness....
  • I love the gym :)
  • I have a professional career!
  • I have a really good sense of humor and I hope to god that you do as well!
  • I do some really cool things on my spare time and I can tell you all about them when we meet!

Do you offer fetish requests?

I love what I do and part of the fun is being able to explore my own sexuality. I am open to fetishes becuase I think they are really fun! If you are interested in a fetish lets meet for our first date and we can discuss the next steps! I am an open book, lets have some fun if it is something I am willing to explore! Please don't be shy to discuss this with me, all I ask is that it is safe, hygenic, fun and sexy!

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