Adeline Wick

"Where the Devil's jaws are far too weak to tear you away"

“I'm your fantasy on a cold dark night, your muse

during the light of day and the one wish your soul would make”

Self Education
Let me stretch out please

A little about me...

Adeline Wick


It is crazy to think that this is how we meet, but it sure does make for a fascinating story!

My name is Adeline, nice to meet you. I am a health-conscious, and career-oriented individual. Some of my friends describe me as someone who is pure, grounded and quirky. Those who are very close to me describe me as open, light-hearted, and sensual, all while being an introvert. 

An introverted companion, you say? I know what you are thinking, but it works in our favour, I enjoy the journey of meeting, connecting and exploring with others. I thrive on the deep connection that can occur between two people enjoying the moment. I genuinely believe that we should always live in the moment.


If you want to experience some of these moments together, let's meet and explore how deep of a connection we can have.

*Visit More About Me page by clicking Here for more specific information about me*


First Date information

Service and Protection

  • I only discuss my services in person and this can be done on the first date. 

  • I can assure you that exploring each other will be as delightful as we make it. 

  • Our Health comes first, I use safety and precautionary methods to practice safe sexual health. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule. 

  • In respect to Covid I only see one person a week max, and make sure that there is at least 4 days between each date for our saftey. 



All new dates please pick one of the following options to provide me with before our date:

  • ID verification: A photo of your driver's licence or your passport.

  • Recent reference from a past provider: Providers name and preferred way of contact. (I prefer this over the other methods) 

  • LinkedIn Profile.

All information is kept strictly confidential, this is for my safety and protection. Thank you kindly for understanding. 

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